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Thank you for your interest in Cistercian Varsity Cheer. We promote a positive environment with an emphasis on teamwork, good sportsmanship, and school spirit! While this experience will be a fun and memorable one, it carries responsibilities that your daughter must assume to qualify and remain part of the team. All Cistercian cheerleaders will be expected to act in accordance with the Cistercian Cheer Code of Conduct, the Cistercian Athletic Code of Conduct as well as the code of conduct of the school which they attend. All girls in 9th-12th grades (2022-2023 school year) who attend Ursuline Academy, The Hockaday School, or who have a relative connection (alumni or current sibling) to Cistercian are eligible to tryout for the Cistercian Varsity Cheer Team. Candidates must complete all required paperwork prior to Tryout Week.


Girls interested in trying out to be a member of the 2023-24 Cistercian Varsity Cheer team should attend the upcoming parent/athlete meeting, tryout clinic, and tryouts at Cistercian Preparatory School.

Parent/Athlete Meeting:       

Tuesday, April 4th,

6:00pm at Cisterician-East Gym.     


Tryout Week:                                

Skills Workouts and Material Instruction/Review

Tuesday, April 11 through Thursday April 13


Cistercian-East Gym      



Friday, April 14

4:30pm until completion

Cistercian-East Gym

No Spectators Allowed

2023-24 Team Announced:

 Friday, April 14 by 10:00pm*   

On the Cistercian Cheer Website Homepage: 


* Team will be announced earlier Friday if possible. 

Tryout Info:

All candidates will be required to learn material for tryouts, which will be taught during clinic: performance cheer, chant, and dance. Material will be posted prior to tryout week, on Saturday, April 8.

Elements Performed Individually:

  • Spiriting Entrance with Running Tumbling:  Candidates will do a SPIRIT ENTRANCE if not performing running tumbling. 

  • Standing Tumbling:

  • 3 Advanced Cheer Jumps:  1 must be a Toe-Touch. Remaining 2 may be: Pike, Left Hurdler, or Right Hurdler. No repeat jumps. Order of jumps is up to the candidate. Using a whipped approach is not required, although recognized as more advanced.                    

  • Performance Cheer:  The Performance Cheer will also include a jump. (Toe Touch)

Elements Performed in a Small Group (3 candidates):

  • Chant:

  • Dance:

Tryouts will be judged by 3 independent NCA judges using the NCA school team scoring rubric. A sample score sheet is available online.  The candidate score sheets will remain confidential and the property of Cistercian Cheer. The decision of the team roster will be final.

Tryout Paperwork:

A checklist, links and information for all tryout paperwork can be found on the website Students from all high schools are required to submit:

  • a health profile 

  • a recent physical with clearance for athletics participation

  • Code of Conduct form

  • Parent Authorization for Participation Waiver

What to Wear:

All candidates should wear clothing that will allow them to jump, tumble, cheer and dance without any distractions. All shirts must cover your stomach at all times. Shorts/spandex must have full coverage. Cheer shoes are highly recommended. No "Cistercian Cheer" wear or any team identification apparel is allowed. Hair should be pulled back. Jewelry is not allowed at any time during cheer -- at tryouts, at practices, at camp, or at games.

Tryout Uniform:

White fitted shirt (tank top or t-shirt), tucked in or fitted to ensure proper coverage, plain black spandex or shorts with built-in briefs. All hair should be pulled back in a secure ponytail. A white bow or ribbon is optional. White no-show ankle socks and white cheer shoes.

Time Commitment:         


Spring Practices:                

April 17-May 16

Mondays and Tuesdays 


Summer Practices:

May 30-June 30




Pre-Camp Boot Camp:

July TBD based on NCA Cheer Camp dates.

2 Weeks prior to camp.



NCA Cheer Camp:

July 17-20 @ SMU

Football Sideline Skills Review:    

August 7-8-9



Football Scrimmage Attendance:

Likely August 11 and August 18

Cistercian Booster Club Season Kickoff:

Usually a Thursday dinner prior to the start of football season. 

Potentially August 10 or 17


Fall After School Practices:

August 14-October 31, Mondays and Tuesdays 4:30-6:30pm

* Homecoming Week: additional practices on Wednesday and Thursday likely.

Team Dinners with the Football Team:

 August 24-October 26, Thursdays, 5:00-5:45pm

Spreading Good Cheer:   

November 11, Saturday,  8:00am-Noon. Location TBD.

Basketball & Soccer Games:        

November-February, 1-2 games per week. Home games only.

Cheerleaders cheer at all Cistercian Varsity football games (Fridays), and most home basketball and soccer games (Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Fridays). Support at other Cistercian Athletic events may be scheduled throughout the year. An online team calendar will be available for the most up-to-date schedule throughout the year.

Cistercian Cheer will also occasionally support Ursuline Athletics by cheering for at least one Volleyball, Basketball and Soccer game. Ursuline also invites the team to perform at a pep rally; usually held at UA in January during school hours. These performances are optional for the students who attend other schools, but they are welcome to participate. The team also performs for Ursuline's Open House, November 12, 1pm-4pm.

Financial Obligation:

The uniform and camp/practice wear cost for returning cheerleaders is approximately $1000, for new cheerleaders is approximately $2000. The cost varies depending on the optional cheer apparel purchased. The camp, meal and event fee is approximately $700 for all cheerleaders. The first payment of $700 is due June 1; the remaining balance will be split into payments due July 1 and August 1. A detailed breakout of costs will be provided as camp venue, practice wear and uniform selections, and away game travel requirements are finalized.

Thank you for your interest in Cistercian Varsity Cheer; we have a great program that develops athletic skills, teamwork, discipline, and perserverance. But the most important element is that the girls have a fun, memorable experience within a cohesive group. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Cistercian Cheer coaches.

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