Tryout Cheer & Chant 2021

You may choose which cheer and chant you would like to do for tryouts.

Cheer 1 - Performed Individually



This is our year!

20 - 21, Our vision is clear!

We're going (pause) straight to the top!

And we (pause) can't be stopped!

Yes, we (pause) can't be stopped!

(Pause) Go! HAWKS!

Cheer 1- Back View
Cheer 2 - front view

Ready –

C P S (pause) we’re back once again

We’ll show and we’ll fight

And we’ll W I N

Cistercian on top (pause) (pause) 

Let’s win (pause)


Cheer 2 - back view
Chant 1 - Performed 3x in a group of 3

Fight, Hawks, Fight!


Fight, Hawks, Fight!

Repeat 3x

Chant 2 - Performed 3x in a group of 3
back view

Black, White

Let's Go Hawks!

Repeat 3x

front view