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Tryout Week Schedule:

Saturday, April 23:      

Tryout Material Made Available to Candidates on this Website. 


Videos of Cheer, Chant & Dance (front & back views),

Music Clip, Cheer Words, Chant Words.

Monday, April 25:          

Candidates need to have completed the following:

1. Registered Online via this website

2. Emailed the following to Coach Limber at CPSHawksCheer@gmail.com

A. Signed Cistercian Cheer Code of Conduct Form.

B. Signed Parent Consent Form.

C. Completed & Submitted Physical Form to Coach Limber. (All Candidates, All Schools)

D. Completed & Submitted Health History Form to Coach Limber. (All Candidates, All Schools)


Tuesday, April 26 & Wednesday, April 27:  

Tryout Skills Workout Days to Learn and Review Material, Receive Instruction, Correction, and Feedback                    


Thursday, April 29:

Mock Try-outs                                                    

Tryout Performances - Skills Order: 

Individually Performed Skills:

A) Running Tumbling Skills: 

Candidates will perform running tumbling and spirit in as the start of the tryout. If a candidate does not have any running tumbling, she will spirit in.

B) Standing Tumbling Skills:

Following Standing Tumbling, the Candidate will spirit to stand centered in front of judges.

If the candidate does not have standing tumbling, she will spirit directly to stand centered.

C) Jumps:

THREE Jumps should be performed. One must be a Toe Touch.

Options for the other 2 jumps are Right Hurdler, Left Hurdler, or Pike. 

The order of jumps is up to the candidate. Jumps may be whipped, but not required.

D) Performance Cheer:

Candidate will perform the tryout performance cheer as the final solo skill. Cheer will include a jump or jump sequence. 

Small Group Performance Skills:


E) Chant:

Candidates will perform the tryout chant 3 times with 2 other candidates. (3-3-3 format)


F) Dance: 

The final performance element will be the tryout dance, also performed in the small group.  



Candidates should briefly spirit after each individual and group element.

Coaches' Emails:            

Joyce Limber, Head Coach: CPSHawksCheer@gmail.com

Jenna Likes, Assistant Coach: jenna.roberts314@gmail.com