Parent Committees

Read throughout the Committee descriptions and email Coach Elias with your first and second choice of committee. 

Team Moms

Christine Cook & Kelly Spaniel


Team Tresurer

Shonda Musso



Chairpersons – assist with uniform orders, review and confirm orders with parents, sort and organize uniforms for distribution


Co-Chair:       ___Deedee McConnell_______

Co-Chair:       ___________________________




Chairperson - send write up of team accomplishments to newspapers, UA and Cistercian.  Organize team photo day and Homecoming ads.





Team Parties

Pre-Camp Party Host: __Christine Cook, Laura Wilson, Diana Eppard___ (July)

Christmas Party Host:______Paula Wills______________ (December)          

Mother-Daughter Tea Party Host:__Shonda Musso & Leigh Ann Runyan____ (March/April)


            Volunteers – assist Party Host with all aspect of the parties


Volunteer 1   ____Sarah Buell_____________________

Volunteer 2   ____Dede Mitchell___________________

Volunteer 3   ____Shonda Musso__________________

Volunteer 4   ____Catherine McInnis_______________

Volunteer 5   ____Daphne Taylor (pre-camp)________

Camp Meals – Hilton Rockwall Aug 1-Aug 4

Pick up, deliver, serve and clean up a light/late dinner at the end of the camp day (min 2 people each night)


Lunch, July 31 ___freshman parents__(Diana Eppard)____

Dinner, July 31 __sophomore parents___(Dede Mitchell)__

Dinner, Aug 1 ___junior parents___(Brenda Lenzen, Catherine McInnis, Shonda Musso)_______

Dinner, Aug 2 __senior parents___(Ann Marie Love)________



Little Hawks Clinic

Chairperson – organize event, registration, promote sign-ups, order tshirts


Chair: _____Jules Smith & Amy Good______________


            Volunteers – assist at clinic with participants, snacks & pizza, bring drinks


Volunteer 1  _____Laura Wilson____________________

Volunteer 2   _____Paula Wills____________________

Volunteer 3   _____Dede Mitchell____________________

Volunteer 4 ______Catherine McInnis___________________



Away Game Meals

Pick up and serve dinner at Cistercian before we depart via the bus for the game

Oct 12           ______Sarah Buell___________________

Nov 2           _______Dede Mitchell__________________


Long Travel Meals - Sept 21


Lunch in Dallas

_____Diana Eppard______


Dinner in Austin

_____Erin Copley____________________

Homecoming Team Dinner: Oct 5

Chairperson – organize event and meal, communicate to coaches and Cistercian

Chair:_____Jennifer Bachonski_________


              Volunteers – help with event; pickup, serve, clean up at Cistercian Thursday before Homecoming.                    This meal is for football players and cheerleaders.


Volunteer 1  ____Brenda Lenzen________

Volunteer 2   _____Christine Cook_______

Volunteer 3   _____Eileen Alger__________

Volunteer 4   _____Jennifer Bachonski____

Volunteer 5   _____Michelle Hrnicek______


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