General Chants:

  • H-U-S-T-L-E, Hustle to a Victory

  • Black and White, Let’s Go Hawks

  • Black & White, Win Win Tonight

  • L-E-T-S  G-O, Come on Hawks, Let’s Go

  • Whaddya Want, Hawk Team

  • Go, Let’s Do it

  • Go Big Black Let’s Go

  • H-A-W-K-S, Hawks

  • Go, G-O, Go Hawks Go

  • Black & White, Unite and Fight

  • Hawks, Here We Go (yell black and white)

  • Dominate and Devastate

  • Clap Your Hands Everybody

  • Victory for the Black & White, Hawks, Let’s Fight

  • We’re Ready for a Victory, We’re Ready for a Win

  • Go Hawks, Fight Hawks, Win Hawks Win – Go Fight Win

  • Come on Crowd

  • C to the P, P to the C, CPS

  • Hawks, Louder Now, Black & White

  • W-I-N Go Fight Win (spring practice)

  • H-A-W-K-S Let’s Go Hawks (spring practice)

  • Hawks, let’s fight, yell for the black and white (tryouts)

Offense Chants:


  • Offense, Take it Over the Line

  • First and 10, Let’s Do It Again

  • S, C-O-R-E, Score, Score

  • Offense, Offense, move that ball

  • All the Way Down the Field

  • Get Ready, Think Fast

Defense Chants:


  • D-E-F-E-N-S-E

  • D-EF-ENSE, Defense

  • Defense, Defense, Get it and Score

  • Defense, Get Tough, Get Tough

  • Defense, Be Aggressive

  • Sack ‘em, Attack ‘em, Let’s Go Big D

  • Defense fire it up, defense get tough

  • HOLD, hold that line

Contact Coach Thompson for the YouTube link with the videos.


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