Tryout Week Schedule:

Friday, May 8:               Tryout Material Made Available to Candidates on this website

Saturday, May 9:          Candidates have completed the following:

                                             Registered Online via this website

                                              Emailed the following to Coach Limber at

                                                 - Signed Cistercian Cheer Code of Conduct Form

                                                 - Signed Parent Consent Form

                                                 - Completed Physical Form if attending a school other than Ursuline or


                                               If an Ursuline student, completed Magnus Health Info 

Monday, May 11 &

Tuesday, May 12:            Optional Virtual Help Sessions via Zoom to Review Material & Provide Feedback,

                                         4:30pm-8:30pm. To book a 15-minute appointment, go to:

SignUp Genius


Zoom details:

Monday Zoom Info.
Meeting ID: 931 4794 8965
Password: 035692


Tuesday Zoom Info.
Meeting ID: 986 0411 1691
Password: 046272

Wednesday, May 13:       3 Videos in Candidate Folder Due by 8:00 PM.  Please contact the coaches if you encounter any difficulty sharing the video folder and files with the coaches via Dropbox or Google Folders. (and don't panic -- we understand this is an unusual process. We are here to help.)

Coaches' emails:


All Videos will be sent in Candidate's Folder.           

VIDEO 1:  Name and Tryout Number Confirmation

** This video will be seen by the Cistercian Cheer coaches ONLY (not NCA Judges) to confirm the Candidate's Name and Tryout Number match.

Candidate should state the following information on video:

Full Name, School attending for 20-21, Grade level, Stunting Position (if experienced).

Candidate confirms Tryout Number verbally and also wears assigned Tryout Number on front of shirt. The Tryout Number must be worn and visible in all videos.   

VIDEO 2:  Running Tumbling, Standing Tumbling, and Jumps     

If the candidate has access to an area where running tumbling and standing tumbling can be performed SAFELY, please video these skills.

(Area should be a large, open area free from obstacles such as a yard or park.)

However, the candidates' safety is the top priority. If the candidate is unable to access an appropriate area to perform the skills safely, she may submit existing videos of tumbling only.

Skills should be performed under parent supervision. Candidates should not attempt tumbling skills which they have not already mastered.

Candidates will perform all 3 skills in 1 continuous video, pausing in between skills. This will allow the judges to write notes and score, and also allow candidates to catch their breath.


A) Running Tumbling Skills 

B) Standing Tumbling Skills.

Running and Standing Tumbling should be videoed with the candidate's running and standing tumbling moving ACROSS the video frame.

Following Standing Tumbling, the Candidate will spirit to stand centered in front of the videographer for Jump

C) Jumps.

THREE Jumps should be performed. One must be a Toe Touch. Options for the other 2 jumps are Right Hurdler, Left Hurdler, or Pike.

VIDEO 3: Performance Cheer, Chant (3 times), Performance Dance 

Candidate will perform cheer, followed by a brief spiriting, than a pause.

Candidate will perform chant (3 times), followed by brief spiriting, then a pause.

Then candidates should perform the dance with music. Candidates should briefly spirit after dance, also.


Please have videographer stand far enough back to capture Candidate's full body throughout the performance of both cheer and dance.

Candidate Videos are due by Wednesday, May 13th by 8pm, but may be submitted earlier. 

In lieu of a MANDATORY Parent/Candidate Meeting, all Candidates and at least 1 parent are asked to review the Cistercian Cheer Program Overview:


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It is the sole property of the Cistercian Cheer Program. All photographs are owned by Cistercian Cheer and not to be reused without permission.