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2022-23 Cistercian Cheer
Tryout Results!


Abigail E.
Ana C.
Ava Mychel R.
Bella B.
Bella R.
Claire R.
Clara C.
Claudia L. 
Claudia S. 
Corinne T.

Elizabeth P. 
Eloise L.
Gitana D.
Gretchen I.
Lila M.
Maddox J.
Maria C.
Olivia P.
Skylar M.
Sophia L.
Steph G.
Victoria R.
Thank you to all of our candidates for your interest in our
team. Your time and effort are greatly appreciated.

Celebrating Our Wonderful Seniors:
Congratulations to the Class of 2022!

seniors 2022 hawks.jpg

    Katherine      Lilly         Tess

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