Cistercian Cheer Heads

to NCA Camp

The new 2021-22 Cistercian Cheer team will be attending NCA Cheer Camp later this summer, July 30-August 2 at the Hilton Rockwall Resort, in Rockwall, Texas.  The 4-day camp will provide instruction to the team members in all key areas of cheer, including motion technique, jump skills, stunting, game day performance material, sideline dances, as well as guide the team in development of leadership skills, promotion of school spirit, increasing team cooperation, and serving as community role models. The Cistercian Cheer team has been recognized for its outstanding performances, leadership, and spirit during final camp competitions, recognitions, and awards. The team is looking forward to 2021's NCA Cheer Camp experience to be another outstanding year for the Hawks cheerleaders!





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